Early Bird
APOA Life Member
$ 354
$ 472
$ 590
APOA Federation Member
$ 413
$ 531
$ 649
Non-APOA Member
$ 472
$ 590
$ 708
APOA Trainee Fellow
$ 295
$ 413
$ 531
Registration fees include entry to the meeting rooms, certificate of attendance, abstract submission.


Early Bird Fee
Late Fee
Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy
Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy
3 nights'
$ 685
$ 935
$ 785
$ 1.035
4 nights'
$ 910
$ 1.245
$ 1.010
$ 1.345
External Fee (per day)
$ 120

There are two methods for payment:
1. Via bank wire:
You may kindly find the bank details below.
The payment must be done in USD currency. Prices include local taxes.
We kindly ask from you to send us receipt of payment to
When we receive the full payment, confirmation will be sent to via email.
When the payment has been completed the confirmation email will be sent to your email.
2. Credit card payment (online)
Please download the form
Fill in the required sections
Sign and send it to
Your confirmation will be sent out in 3 business days

What is external participation fee?
All-inclusive hotels provide free food and beverages services during the congress activities. Regarding these services, security check (ID or passport check) is applied to all participants and 120 $ (per day) is charged to participants who don’t accommodate in congress hotel or to participants who don’t have reservation by Organisation Company. All participants are subject to external participation fee non-regarding the registration types.
In addition to this, Relevant to settlement plan of the area, local transportation is not available. The accommodation fees include airport transportation. Participants who don’t make the reservations by Organisation Company are not able to benefit from shuttle services

What is an all inclusive hotel?
It is exactly one of the hotel concepts and means that everything is included in the food and beverage arrangement within the hotel. It covers all local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in general in all inclusive hotels. Likewise, in meals, the situation includes unlimited consumption within the meals prepared by the hotel that day. The “Activity” event should not be included in the all-inclusive concept. Some drinks and room services may also be charged in the All Inclusive concept.